Cuplock system scaffolding

                                                                           We are one of the Best Scaffolder providers in KSA & UAE. We provide Scaffolding for a variety of activities like Cleaning, Construction, Industrial inspections, Maintenance etc.Scaffolding carries out several significant roles during construction.  It provides a brief working stage to enable work to be performed at a height.A Scaffold should be constructed so that it is left complete and is properly tied, braced and decked and has adequate guard-rails and toe boards.The structure of the scaffold should be well founded.The foundation must be capable of carrying the imposed load for the entire lift of the scaffold.we make scaffolds with adequate foundations.we perform a risk assessment based on the hazards at first.We have a pre-construction team who will be there with planned assistance for the project. They have a thorough understanding of the project and will help to get the project done cost-effectively.We have around own 22,000 tonnes of scaffold equipment. We are one of the best known in the business with experience of over 8+ years. 



Available Sizes


-          Galvanized

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